Friday, January 23, 2009

Northwest European and I2a1

A small but significant group of posts yesterday on the Rootsweb DNA Genealogy group discussed "Age of Sardinian M-26". Many of my Faunt/Fant/Font family is in that group which has now been divided into 3 somewhat small groups of individuals who may be linked 7,500 years ago to a single small group of men..what is called a "Clade".

Speculation and at least one person's educated conclusion is that this group, not now dominated by Sardinians, was among the group that repopulated extreme Western Europe.

What does that mean? What is extreme Western Europe actually? The definition of that varies but some DNA population experts feel that is Western Scandinavia, Ireland, Scotland and the Germanic area which faces the UK.

DNA Tribes who has done my autosomal include Celtic speaking area of the Atlantic facade and the Northwest area of the Continent including the Germanic speaking areas of Scandinavia and lands and territories invaded by the Vikings. Lands that are linked by the North Sea and the Irish sea.

Our Faunt family as typified by Walter L'Enfant as early as 1290 in Ireland here:
John de Saunford, Archbishop of Dublin, on July 7, 1288, was appointed by the King's Council 'Keeper of Ireland until the king should otherwise decide ' : Cal., vol. iii, no. 559. William d'Oddingeseles and Walter l'Enfant were his deputies in 1290 in some operations against O'Melaghlin of Meath : ibid., p. 270.( from Ireland Under the Normans)

Irish records that I have pulled indicate to me that at least my one line back to 1730 married predominantly of the same "Cultural group" as themselves..Anglo-Normans.Cunningham, Slattery,Lynch,Hannon,Butler,Hickey.

Curiously, Joe Wearing a Fant cousin whose Grandmother descends from the Faunt family in Westmeath is very close to us ancestrally on this I21a haplogroupeven though on different lines.

Joe's Wearing ancestor (actually Waring or Berry) on his Y line side as well as his Faunt side share this hapoltype although a variant. Here is a link to a goup that Joe and Fran and James belong to:

The Clade is divided into smaller groups here:


Joe Wearing on his Waring/Berry ancestor is in I-M26C..almost as small as ours is.

There is a predictor that was used to place us there..

Here is a predictor by Ken Nordvedt on the estimation of age of this group:
_______________________________________________P37.2 West


6,000 12,000 18,000 24,000 years
200 400 600 generations

Since we are M26 which apparently arose 7500 years ago I think that means we ( our men) did not actually live in Sardinia..
we shared an ancestor at that point..Joe's kinsman who later became Berry and our man who later became Fant were brothers or cousins..c 7500 and they at that point in time were founders of the Culture that settled extreme Western Europe

That is how I understand it..

and I am a non-scientist


Sister Carol said...

Wow! Very impressive. Great job, sis! I will certainly accept your analysis at face value! You know a lot more about this than I do! Top of the morning to you!

kathlingram said...

It is great to see my little Sister here.Top of the morning to you also~!
Sister and I have shed some light on both our parents heritage although they are deceased. How did we do that? We tested our autosomal and X marker profiles. We were able to identify an X haploblcok of markers for Dad which we share (being Sisters) and fortunately we EACH had a different one from Mom which gives more insight.
Autosomally we look primarily Celtic and then Polish and Germanic.Polish/German may be our unknown-to-us grandfather whose birth certificate shows a German name from near to Poland.
Our X profile gets more distorted since males inherit only one X and that from their mother.
We have a 25% X genetic inheritance from an early Colonial Family specifically Margaret Edenfield Carrow whose mother was a Hannah Worters. The first Edenfield came from Yorkshire in the same Colonial era as our Carrows.