Monday, January 19, 2009

John Carrow the Patriot

I posted this in a lot of places last Monday

" I am thrilled to bits to announce that the DAR has verified my Supplemental yesterday for John Carrow as a "New Patriot".It was something that was assumed would never happen as this family straddled the line between Maryland and Delaware for at least 100 years.John Carrow served in Queen Anne MD Militia in 1776 although he lived in Duck Creek DE for part of his young adult life.His father died in 1776 and in 1775 the family was not to be found in Delaware. John Carrow and his mother, in separate households are again in DE by 1782.Two things happen here: one is John's Patriot status and one is that the family indeed is the one that is in Queen Anne MD and Dorchester MD after they leave Accomac VA c. 1675.
Kathleen Carrow Ingram( proud of John Carrow) "

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