Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cousins Abroad

Just wanted to share with you that my Sister Carol, also a Faunt, said she was so fascinated with Joe's perspective on our Revolutionary War ancestor..she said what we consider good is really relative for sure.

Our conversation pertained to my happy post to surely everyone in the world regarding our ancestor John Carrow's acceptance into the DAR Patriot Index as a "new Patriot". As an American I thought this was a great feat but it sure is relative.

Before I started my genealogy hobby when I retired in late 2002 I was sure that the majority of my ancestors were fairly recent "Potato Famine" immigrants. Many were of course but my Faunt family it would seem had a much greater depth to it. My loving Cousin Fran was quite sure I had made a big mistake when I told him that our William Faunt and brother Patrick were in the British Army. He felt they were more "Whiteboys" material or pre-IRA.

We did not know of course that the record would lead us to our roots in Fethard Tipperary nearabouts where our family lived since the 13th century.What we DID think we knew, that they were Norman French in ancestry seems accurate.

Sister Carol's point that we have Cousins "abroad" who might differ with what we think is a cool thing."Abroad" could also be a relative term..what do you think?

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