Friday, January 1, 2010

Follow Friday 2010

A new decade has arrived and with it my determination to continue discovering what I can about my ancestors. I use a multi-disciplinary approach for most things and genealogy is no exception; a favorite expression is "when the tide rises all the boats will float".

Who do I follow and what are my tools? A thoroughly modern 'baby boomer' I believe in shortcuts which include: genetic genealogy aka "DNA", the use of experienced and trusted researchers and my own anthropology education which highlights customs and traditions of each culture.In addition, I am grateful that I live in an age where I can find a birth record in the old country which will link me with another cousin.
The end of the past decade allowed me to find cousins in New Zealand and Donegal Ireland who are now friends using all of the tools I just described. I also know the path of my family in this country from 1643 forward to the present day.
Susan Carrow and Don Carrow whose ancestors left Accomac Virginia and went to Bath North Carolina, David Font in New Zealand and Manus McClafferty from Falcarragh Donegal as well as my Quinn/Doogan cousins are folks I now communicate with routinely thanks to this great age I live in.
In the coming decade I am vowing to illuminate my ancestors paths in even more detail. Online records some for free and some for a nominal amount of money will make that possible.

As my cousin Manus says "Le grĂ¡ agus beannacht " for 2010.

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Sanjay Maharaj said...

Congratulations on having a positive attitude and a clear focus in your genealogy research. All th ebest in your future research