Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blounts Creek North Carolina

Two weeks ago hubby and I went on a day trip to Bath NC and Blunt's Creek NC which are near each other.My North Carolina Carrow "Cousin" and wife were the tour guides.
What we have deduced using both DNA studies and extensive paper records supplied by both of us is that our common ancestors were either father and son or brothers born after 1643 possibly in Accomac Virginia.
A Thomas Carew is in Carolina when Records begin in 1663.John Carrew (aka Carrow) is Constable in Accomac Virginia c. 1667 and is found in records in 1663 there.
A John Carrow is in Colonial America by 1643.
DNA has matched a NC Carrow and a Delaware Carrow 37/37 on their Y (male) line.
I am very grateful to have been part of this discovery process.
The "Carrow House"in Bath is pictured on this Blog also.

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