Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Sadie Kirwan Carrow

My father, mother and I spent hours one Saturday afternoon carrying a pot of geraniums looking for his Grandmother's grave at Old St.Joseph's in Swedesboro NJ.

Sadie adopted and raised my father her grandson and only grandchild after my Grandmother Elizabeth sent him back to Penns Grove from Baltimore MD when he was about 3.

She died during WWII and all Dad knew is that she was buried next to her mother and 'near the fence'. We were told the graves had 'sunk'. Dad always wanted to get her a headstone.

I was able to find Sadie's grave as well as her mother Lizzie Sweeney Kirwan who died when Sadie was about 3. I purchased her a headstone, poor dear soul. A Boy Scouts Eagle project had righted the graves leaving Lizzie's stone after 100 + years.She died in 1890.

Requiescat in pace et lux perpetua luceat, Sadie, Lizzie and baby Maggie

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