Sunday, November 15, 2009

Surname Saturday Doohan/Dugan of Donegal

Another generation has been documented of the Doohan/Dugan family of Crossroads Donegal.
Mary Dugan Faunt and Rose Doohan Coyle, first cousins died young and left young children with no clear story of their origin.
A very small group of cousins have connected in this electronic age and are piecing together the family.
My Grandfather Ed Faunt who was 4 when his Mother died belonged to the "Sons of Donegal" and often sang a song about it. His cousin Jimmy Coyle has a memory of walking up Broad Street with his mother at 3 or 4 and no other recollection of her.
Norah Doohan McFadden of Crossroads sold Irish Sweepstake tickets to her cousins until her death after 1965. Her sister Catherine Doohan worked at Mt.Carmel Rectory 3rd and Snyder when she immigrated in 1928 and later moved to Norristown.
Rose Veronica Coyle granddaughter of Rose Doohan Coyle was Miss America in 1936. Everyone in our family has always been aware of this astonishing fact but not one of us could figure out how Rose Coyle is related to us. Now we do.
Patrick, Denis, Bryan(Bernard) and John Dugan/Doohan were brothers in Ireland. Just past Crossroads (now Falcarragh) is the 'Bridge of Sorrows' that took them out of the valley toward the port at Derry and left their families behind.John Dugan and his newly married wife emigrated to Philadelphia in 1865.They had no children and he prospered and one by one many of his nieces and nephews joined him there.


Mary said...

I am so jealous that you have "jumped the pond" and have connected with great!!
I've nominated you for the "Kreativ Blogger" can pick it up here:

Margie said...

My great grandparents lived in Bristol, Pa which is on the Delaware River near Philadelphia and Norristown. Before her marriage my great grandmother was Fannie (frances) Doohan, of Falcarragh. She came to the States to be a domestic servant in Burlington, NJ (across the river from Bristol). She left Ireland at the same time as her sisters, who went to Tacoma, WA and to Australia. She married in the US, and raised five children as well as two orphans. During WWI (and after ?) she took in boarders, one of whom married her youngest daughter, Mae (Mary) in 1930. He was Jerremaih O'Neill from Hollis, NH and he came to Bristol and her home on Dec 26, 1917. I do not know much else about the family, except that in 1978 the Falcarragh homestead was occupied by Jimmy (son of Peter) Doohan. They had recently bulldozed the old stone house and replaced it with a vacation chalet to rent to tourists. Their own home was on the same plot of land. If anyone can enlighten me about the family, I would be very grateful!

kathlingram said...

You can e-mail me privately so we can figure it out. Lots of Doogans in South Jersey and Philly are related to us.

kathlingram said...


I received this from Peter Doohan from Falcarragh..get back to me and I will send you his e-mail..

Hello Kathlin,

My name is Peter Doohan in regards to the message between yourself and Margie on Jan 15 2010 you requested information regarding James Doohan of Falcarragh. He was my Father he passed away in 89. Could you forward my email address on to Margie whom you have been talking to on here. Any information you request I'll be happy to help.

Peter Doohan.