Saturday, February 14, 2009

Heart Shaped Cake Pans

The first time I remember these is my Sister's first birthday.Do I really remember that or did I see a snapshot?The heart shaped cake pans came in graduated sizes.Sister had the smallest one for her birthday and had it all to herself. I think I remember.White icing.

Today on Valentine's Day I remember other Valentine's treats, some made with the cake pans and some without. Pink icing and sparkly red sprinkles on the cakes. Mom liked to bake it seems, at least she did it fairly often.Most definitely more than me.My daughter and youngest child said I never baked her a birthday cake.However I might add that since I thought store bought cakes were wonderful, she always had a cake~! I did not realize that I had not baked a cake for her birthday until this summer at my Beach House. Sigh.

My Mother worked outside the home for a good part of my childhood having gone to work when I was 11.She was a school nurse and usually was home when we were for vacations.Dinners were rushed and Mom invented if not perfected the 20 minute spaghetti dinner. It was fine but her 25 minute beef stew was not so good.She did make cakes though and tons of cookies at Christmas.

I also worked outside the home and had 4 kids.There were times when I was a single parent.Crockpot frozen meatballs were my specialty along with Tuna Casserole and Meat Loaf ( 4 kids, remember?)They were well nourished although we did not eat gourmet style. I also finished college( Grad school also) while they were still in school. I overused a warming tray or rather a sucession of them over those few years.

Valentine's Day always always will remind me of my Dad Bill Carrow. He never forgot Sister and I on Valentine's Day with a heart shaped box of candy. He adored my mother and had done so since third grade when he presented her with a ring.She promptly threw it in the river.Dad moved back to Delaware City and when Mom was a senior in high school he took her to her prom.

Picture is Bill and Betty Carrow and daughter Kathleen at a wedding in the Carneys Point Methodist church next to Dunn's Park. Sister Carol obviously was not yet a twinkle in Dad's eye. Grandpop Edward Faunt Sr. is next to white post.

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